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About us

Your local brand outlet.

At the Appliance Shed, we’re a little bit different to other retailers. Sure, we’ve got the same brand spanking new, latest & greatest, big brand products you’ll find everywhere else, but because we’re a BRAND OUTLET, we also have exclusive factory 2nds and 3rds direct from brands like Fisher & Paykel, Panasonic and Sunbeam, that you won’t find anywhere else. They might have a small ding, a dented box, or be an end of line product, but most of the time they are brand new and come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so you know they’re legit. Our range of 2nd and 3rd products change daily in store and we often only have limited quantities, so it’s first in, first served.

We have 4 stores across Auckland, and with our new website, we can deliver to just about anywhere in NZ, making us more local than ever before.

We’re an honest Kiwi owned brand outlet store that still believes in good old-fashioned customer service, no retail tricks, just Legit Brands at Legit Prices.

Our Paper Bags

If a paper bag is on a product, it’s your lucky day!
It means we’ve managed to discount our price further to save you more. Our paper bags can appear on ANY product whether it’s brand spanking new, a Factory 2nd or a Factory 3rd, but you’ll have to be quick, they’re usually only available for a limited time.

Our Staff

There’s one thing that separates our staff from the rest….... they don’t work on commission. So, you know when they’re giving you advice, it’s to help you find the right product at the best price, not to get some extra coin in their own back pocket.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but when it comes to our products, with a combined staff experience of 300 years, we seriously know our stuff!

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